earthtoaubrey: hey hi :) i cant find the ask box so i’ll just go and ask here if you dont mind, i’ll just ask where did you get your profile picture? i mean from what video is that? thanks :*

it’s from an instagram post. here’s the original pic

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Anonymous: can you make a gif of this alanxashbyx(.)tumblr(.)com/post/89236368505/tays-headbands-are-fucking-awesome Like when she headbangs and walks away?

posted! it came out way better than i expected! haha, hope you like it!

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tay headbangin’ in albuquerque | for anon

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"You were nominated for ‘Hottest Female’ and you made your feelings on that pretty clear a couple weeks ago. Do you still feel that way?" (x)

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Anonymous: tayjardinegiffed (.) tumblr (.) com/post/87250610406/ whats the video the first gif is from

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xforget--regretx: what video is the bottom left gif from the ombré hair set from?

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Anonymous: could you do some gifs of tay making that lil scrunchy face she does? i know there are a couple videos including it and it's so cute :~(

i don’t know of any videos, mind submitting one to me?

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Anonymous: Could you do Tay with ombre hair gifs?

done. sorry, it’s not my best :( 

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tay with ombré hair | for anon 

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Anonymous: tay in music videos would be rad

done! hope you like it. 

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